This memorial park is dedicated to the legacy of Sgt. John L. Behan, born Nov.11, 1944 and died Jan. 28,2021.

In Honor, Appreciation, and Recognition of his dedicated Military Service to the U.S. Marine Corps., where he served with the Sixth and Seventh fleets before joining the First Marine Division for a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1965, where he lost both of his legs in combat. He retired with the rank of Sergeant. For his service, John was decorated seven times and was honored with the Purple Heart Medal, and the Conspicuous Service Cross, New York State’s highest military honor. Elected to the NY Assembly in 1978, he served for 18 years before becoming the New York State Director of Veterans Affairs until his retirement in 1999. His speech on the floor of the Assembly led to the creation of the first Assembly standing committee on Veterans Affairs. Prior to starting his career in politics, John won multiple US Olympic medals in the javelin, shot-put, discus and as a member of the basketball team on the U.S. Wheelchair Olympics team in 1972 and 1976.

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