VFW Post 9401 is soliciting your support for the Memorial Wall on the exterior west wall of the 'VFW Post Building' facing London Bridge Rd. The Memorial Wall will be comprise of two parts.

On the top part of the Memorial Wall a Mural will be painted by a local mural artist identifying "VFW Post 9401" and the "Cross of Malta". It will depict and embody the recognition, respect, and pride of a nation and the community in which it resides for the men and women who Served and/or are Serving in Foreign Wars with the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, or Coastguard, of the United States of America. It will honor their sacrifices and threat of being Wounded in Action, Killed in Action, Prisoner of War, or Missing in Action while serving.

The bottom part of the Memorial Wall will be a Tribute Tile section directly below the Mural as a historical touchstone memoriam for generations to come. These Tribute Tiles can be purchased by individuals who served or are serving, a family member, a friend, an associate, or a loved one, enabling the community to remember and honor those who proudly served our great country.

It's easy to get started and take advantage of this exceptional program that allows you to show your support for those who served as a permanent part of the "VFW POST 9401 MEMORIAL WALL," by making your "Donation" to purchase one or more of these Tribute Tiles.

Tribute Tiles orders will be reevaluated on March 1, 2024, to determine space availability due to the limited number of spaces under the Mural. So, it's advisable to place your order as soon as possible if you are interested in honoring someone.

Tiles will be installed in the fall of 2024. The Tiles sizes are 4"x 8"x ½" or 8"x 8" x ½" and are engraved using state of the art laser technology.

All Donations are Tax Deductible!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Dennis Dickey

Purchasing Guidance:

  1. Tribute Tiles can be purchased by anyone who has served or is serving in the military, or purchased, gifted, and/or donated by, a family member, a friend, an associate, or a loved one.
  2. A “Commemorative Tribute Tile” can be purchased or given to or by a Company, Organization, Club, Business, Group, etc., in recognition for their assistance, funding, services, materials, supplies or support of the Memorial Wall Project or in dedication to a Veteran(s) or in memory of their Military Service to honor them.
  3. A Gifted Donation for Tribute Tile in the form of currency i.e., cash, check, credit card, etc. must be given to the Quartermaster to be accounted for separately. This “Gifted” donation shall be accounted for and deposited in the Memorial Wall savings account. (A receipt can be provided upon requested.)
    1. The “Gifted” funds will be utilized by the VFW Membership to purchase a Tribute Tile to honor a deserving veteran selected from the Post 9401 VFW Membership files.

Laser Engraving Layout Guidance:

  1. In order to provide inclusivity, uniformity and conformity of information and appearance it is recommended that the data layout for the “Tribute Tiles” and the “Commemorative Tribute Tiles” use the following guidelines.
    1. Tribute Tile 4x8 layout:
      1. The Name, Service Branch, Group/Unit/Div., Foreign Service and Time Period; additional information can be included as space allows e.g., unit, rank, awards, etc...
      2. Commemorative Tribute Tile 8x8 Layout:
        1. The Categorization i.e., In Recognition, Dedication, or Memory of/to.
        2. The name of who the Tile is specified for.
        3. The Company, Business, Organization, Group, etc., donating.
        4. The Reason for the donation.
        5. Additional information can be included as space is allowed e.g., dates, thoughts, awards, etc...

Instructions for Website Usage

Navigating Between Lines: When transitioning between lines, please move the cursor instead of pressing the return key.

Spaces Included as Characters: Please note that spaces are counted as characters on each line.

Data Verification Before Purchase: Before proceeding to purchase, ensure that all data provided is accurate, as there is no verification screen available.

Accessing Tile Information and Receipt: After making a purchase, you can view tile information and obtain a copy of your receipt by following these steps.

Contact for Assistance: If you encounter any issues or need assistance, please contact the Post Quartermaster for help or resolution.

Choose Your Products

4x8 Tile - Text Only


  • 3 lines personalized text
  • Up to 20 characters per line

4x8 Tile - Logo


  • 3 lines personalized text
  • Up to 12 characters per line

8x8 Tile - Text Only


  • 6 lines personalized text
  • Up to 20 characters per line

8x8 Tile - Logo


  • 4 lines personalized text
  • Up to 20 characters per line