Honor Heroes, Build Legacies: Mesa Fire Fighter Memorial Brick Fundraiser

The Mesa Public Safety Foundation, in collaboration with IAFF Local 2260, Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mesa, invites you to join a noble cause that pays homage to our brave fire fighters. We're excited to announce the launch of the Mesa Fire Fighter Memorial Brick Fundraiser, an initiative aimed at enhancing the existing memorial site and creating a lasting tribute to the past, future, and current heroes who risk their lives to keep our community safe.

By purchasing a legacy brick, you can leave an indelible mark along the paved pathway surrounding the memorial. This is not just a brick; it's a symbol of gratitude, respect, and remembrance. Your contribution goes beyond monetary support; it's a statement of solidarity with our fire fighters and a commitment to preserving their legacy.

The Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Brick Fundraiser offers an exclusive chance for individuals to make a lasting impact on the grounds of the memorial. By purchasing a brick, supporters can honor the brave fire fighters who made the ultimate sacrifice and contribute to the creation of a meaningful tribute. These commemorative bricks will be placed around the memorial, serving as a tangible symbol of remembrance and gratitude. With prices starting at just $150, this limited-time opportunity also can include a replica brick for personal display. Whether it's in memory of a loved one, to honor a current fire fighter, or to inspire future generations, your brick becomes a timeless testament to the courage and sacrifice of those who protect our community. Space is limited, so act now to secure your place in this meaningful endeavor.

This is more than a fundraiser; it's a community-driven effort to honor and celebrate the dedication of our fire fighters. Let's come together, build something beautiful, and pay tribute to those who put their lives on the line for us every day.

Together, We Build a Stronger Future.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Shannon Heinze

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4x8 Brick - Text Only


  • 3 lines personalized text
  • Up to 20 characters per line

4x8 Brick - Logo


  • 3 lines personalized text
  • Up to 12 characters per line

8x8 Brick - Text Only


  • 6 lines personalized text
  • Up to 20 characters per line

8x8 Brick - Logo


  • 4 lines personalized text
  • Up to 20 characters per line

16x16 Brick Array


  • Your own custom artwork